Immortal Tales – Mondadori 2014

Once upon a time in a land far, far away is the opening line shared by the most popular fairy tales of all times. These everlasting stories have consistently been nurturing the imagination of readers of all ages. Paolo Barbieri revisits the most beautiful fairy tales by drawing from their original texts. The result is sharp lines, gloomy surroundings,vibrant brush-strokes of light combined with unique, powerful graphic suggestions that bring us back to the tales’ secret core and enhance the characters’ true and dramatic spirit. Rapunzel is enveloped by her dazzling and beautiful hair, Snow White is glowing and shining so much so that the wicked Queen’s black claws can only lightly touch her, the Seven Dwarfs are wrinkled but proud in their expression and the heavenly Cinderella is hugging the most seductive and mysterious of all princes. And then we have magical steeds, winged dragons, ambiguous mermaids and wicked witches. These are all imaginary creatures but they appear so real that their direct and penetrating look provokes pure and ancestral emotions in the reader.

With an introduction signed by the master of fantasy Herbie Brennan.

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