The Creatures of the Emerged World

Nihal, the sea-like-blue-haired warrior; the Fammin, furry and brutal ogres armed with lethal axes; the     Academy, the lavish palace facing the square and defended by the guards’ halberds. The images created by every reader’s fantasy whilst reading The Chronicles of the Emerged World come to life in this magnificent illustrated book that features all the creatures and characters of the popular saga. Bright coloured scenes depict the landscapes where the trilogy’s adventures are set and highlight in minute detail the clothes, armour, equipment and artillery, as well as capturing the emotions, characters and personalities in evocative portraits. Every drawing by Paolo Barbieri is accompanied by a previously unpublished text by Licia Troisi that expands the characterisation of people and the description of places. A unique book for the fans of The Emerged World but also for passionate readers of imaginary universes and simply for everyone who enjoys browsing wonderful illustrations.
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