THE APOCALYPSE – Mondadori 2013

In the Apocalypse, regarded as the most fantastical among the Bible’s books, the destiny of mankind and the world itself is revealed to the Apostle John through supernatural visions. The Book of Revelation has indeed inspired Barbieri to perfectly translate the Biblical language into incredibly detailed images which constantly elicit emotion and surprise. Thanks to very sharp, powerful and daring strokes, the author offers us a new interpretation of the Book and its characters. We can therefore see fire-armoured knights riding sculpted horses, regally dressed women eased down on gloomy thrones, seven-headed dragons and grasshoppers equipped with leonine teeth as well as cosmic upheavals, unimaginable plague and doomed spirits in Barbieri’s drawings. Each scene, accompanied by the stanzas that inspired it, is permeated by burning bright colours and defined by the author’s unique style that takes us to the last grief-stricken days of mankind through revisiting Babylon and the celestial Jerusalem.

After Dante’s Inferno and Tales of the Gods, the great illustrator engages the audience into a new, passionate visual translation of one the main classics of the human imaginary world.

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